Jack + Becca


Jack + Becca

Bozeman, Montana

Backyard Wedding

Here's the thing, y'all: weddings don't have to be complicated.

Jack and Becca got married in their own backyard....literally. They have a larger celebration planned later (in ITALY!), but they decided to make things official right here in Bozeman. They gathered a few of their closest friends and family, had their ceremony in the park behind their home, enjoyed cocktail hour in the backyard, and headed downtown to have a nice dinner.

I love small weddings for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest is that you get to really choose what's most important to you and ENJOY it. Jack and Becca got to drink their champagne, enjoy their INSANE charcuterie spread, and most importantly have a conversation with each of their guests. The day was relaxed, low-key, and genuinely fun.



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