Pros without egos

Based out of Bozeman, MT, 40 Watt is a production company servicing the Western United States that specializes in photo and video content for social media, websites, and other marketing materials. We serve our clients with a creative mindset and love for people and their projects. Grant and Mallory share the mindset that filmmaking should be fun: their friendship and professional dynamic is what drives the fun, hardworking, professional, and energetic vibe of working with 40 Watt.

Meet the fam

Mallory Regan

Owner + Creative Director
Mallory graduated college in 2014 and moved to Bozeman "for the summer" and never left. After a few years of hustle and hard work, Mallory made 40 Watt her full-time job in 2019. It grew into a thriving photography business, going on to win "Best Wedding and Portrait Photographer" in Bozeman Magazine 4 years running. After a surprising 2020, Mallory grew her skills in video to offer a new way of allowing clients to tell their stories. These days Mallory uses her creative and organizational skills to produce and direct 40 Watt projects, as well as freelancing in the film and television industry.

Grant Davidson

Video Producer
Grant Davidson is a video producer and creative partner to Mallory at 40 Watt. He’s responsible for helping plan and execute video shoots, video editing, and business strategy. Grants passion for videography and film making paired perfectly with 40 Watt’s growth in 2020 and he’s been enthusiastically creating videos with us ever since. As a recent graduate from Montana State University with a dual degree in film and finance, Grant is looking forward to using his creative and analytical skills to dive into the film world. When he isn’t working, he's most likely petting a dog. Actually, he does that when he's working, too.


Various Disciplines
We work with a big network of talented artists who love to make things, and more importantly, are really cool to be around. Sometimes Grant and I will complete a whole project start to finish, but we know directors, camera operators, sound design professionals, editors, electricians, photographers, and plenty of other rad artists to get any project done — and done well.

Ellie Dog

Office Assistant
Ellie is the official mascot of 40 Watt. Calling her a dog is generous: we've voted and decided that she's half skunk, half fox, half shark, half gremlin, and half dog. Is she actually kind of a huge distraction? Maybe. However, it's been proven that 5 minutes of Ellie snugs is the clinical cure for a creative block...or something.

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