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About Me

Hello! I'm the face behind 40 Watt Photo: Mallory Grace Regan.


I'm a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. I moved from my hometown of Atlanta to Bozeman for a little peace and quiet, and stayed for the mountains, the funny people, and the good beer.

I got my first camera as a high school graduation gift and started emailing photographers near my hometown asking if I could shoot with them, carry their lights, polish their shoes, whatever. Luckily somebody bit and I was assisting at my first wedding in the summer of 2011. I remember texting my mom from the reception saying “I was born for this”. I still believe that to be true. I continued assisting throughout college, taking on my own work here and there, and fully launched my business when I started booking my own weddings in 2013.

I'm a very typical Bozeman twenty-something: I have a dog, I drive a Subaru, I hang out at breweries, and I play outside as much as I can. I may or may not occasionally skip a day of work if the skiing is good, but when it's time to get to work, I've got your back 110%. As a photographer, I wear a lot of different hats. My job is not just to take great photos (which I will), but to make you feel comfortable and confident. I do my job with excellence and professionalism, and I don't take it for granted. I've worked HARD to make this my career, and I'm not playing around. I work hard, and I play hard.

Photographing people is a weird and wonderful job. I put a lot of work into helping you plan and prepare for your wedding photos, but I will also cry at your ceremony and dance at your reception. I laugh at ALL dad jokes. I can pin a boutonniere as fast as your florist. Most importantly, I'll make you feel relaxed and confident. You'll genuinely enjoy having your photo taken, and you'll be proud of the result for years to come.


After your wedding, I'll check in on you every now and then to see how you are. I'll buy you a beer if you're ever in town. And I will never, ever stop being grateful that I was included in your wedding. 


What you can


from me.

  • Communicate quickly. I reply to all emails within 24 hours, and texts or phone calls the same day

  • Direct you to help you feel your best and create a laidback vibe so you feel natural while being photographed (you'll forget I'm even there!)

  • Edit your images to look like the brightest and best version of yourself

  • Plan a detailed photo schedule with you to share with everyone to help the day run smoothly and keep everyone on the same page

  • Make it easy to share your photos with your family and friends after your wedding

  • Act professionally, but probably cry at your wedding (what? I'm only human!)

  • Ghost you, your planner, your mom, or anyone involved in planning your wedding

  • Force you into cheesy poses that feel weird or awkward

  • Photoshop you to look fake

  • Show up unprepared, get flustered in large groups, or get overwhelmed by a rowdy wedding party

  • Deliver your images to you late or make promises I can't keep about my timeline

  • Ignore your ideas, feedback, or requests

  • Cause a distraction during quiet, intimate moments 


What does “Forty Watt” mean?

40 Watt Photo refers to 40 Watt lightbulbs. Have you ever seen one? They come in different shapes and sizes, but are often recognizable by their unique, old-school filaments. These bulbs emit a warm, moody, emotive, unique light; adjectives that also describe my style of photography. As a photographer, I'm a part of a lot of big milestones in peoples' lives. Everyone has "lightbulb moments" when things change: when you marry the person you love, your family grows, you bring home a new puppy, or you have a personal breakthrough. I'm lucky enough to be around for a lot of those moments so you remember them forever.

How many photos will we get from our wedding?

This depends mostly on the amount of time that I spend at your wedding. For full days, you can expect to receive around 700-800 photos.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

I’ve been working in the wedding industry since my freshman year of college, when I started an internship with some very successful photographers in Atlanta, GA. They taught me everything they knew about shooting, lighting, editing, and client interaction. From there, I continued second shooting for other photographers as I slowly began to take on my own projects. I took an entrepreneurship class in college where I wrote a business plan and started to book my own weddings. I moved to Bozeman a month after graduating, and put my plan into action to revamp 40 Watt Photo in the wild west. Aside from photography, I’ve also worked on the side for caterers, florists, coordinators, and bartenders. I’ve seen every kind of wedding under the sun. Your wedding day starts long before you walk down the aisle, and I know how to help you make it run smoothly.

Do you only shoot weddings?

Nope! Weddings are fun and they are the majority of what I shoot, but I love any job that allows me to work with people. I’m available for engagements, senior photos, headshots, families, editorial work, pets, babies, and anything in between. Just ask!

Did you go to school for photography?

Nope. I have a BA in Spanish language with a double minor in sociology and business. Between all of that I squeezed in a fair number of art and photography electives. I learned everything else I know from incredibly kind and generous fellow photographers, books, experimentation, workshops, a little luck, and a lot of practice. ¡Sí se puede!

How much does it cost for you to shoot our wedding?

The short version is: it depends. Different celebrations require different things. I charge a baseline amount for either a half or full-day, and you can build a customized package from there. Regardless, all wedding packages include high-resolution images delivered in an online gallery. From there, you can also add engagement shoots, bridal shoots, custom albums, and much more!

Where can I see examples of your work?

You can see my latest work by following me on Facebook or Instagram, and on this website. Shoot me an email at mallory@40wattphoto.com, and I’ll send you some galleries from recent weddings to check out!

Have you shot at my wedding venue before?

Maybe! Regardless, I am happy to do a site tour with you before your wedding so that you can point out any specific locations you want to use for photos and feel 100% confident on the day of your wedding.

How long until we see our pictures?

For weddings, it takes me between 4-6 weeks to deliver all of your pictures depending on the time of year. For family, newborn, engagements, and other more low-key shoots, I’ll have them back to you in 2 weeks. You can also always follow me on social media for sneak peeks!

Where are you located? Do you travel?

I live and work in downtown Bozeman, Montana, and I love to travel! I’m available to travel nationally and internationally, but this comes will include some additional costs. I'm down to go anywhere, so just ask!

What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot Canon pro gear and edit with Adobe programs on Apple computers. I have tons of memory cards and batteries, as well as backup equipment in case something goes wrong. Also, I have an on-camera flash unit and two Alien Bee lights to make sure everything looks crystal clear at your reception! For a detailed list of everything I’ll be bringing to your wedding, feel free to ask!

How do we book you?

Once we’ve agreed on a package that fits your needs, I'll send you a contract and invoice from my online software. A signed contract and deposit of 1/2 of the total cost puts us in business!

How do we pay you?

I’m not picky. I can accept payment via cash, check, money order, Squre, PayPal, Venmo, carrier pigeon, or suitcases full of singles. Whatever suits your preference!

Can we meet you?

Yes, please! I love to meet couples before they decide to hire me so that we can get to know each other. Your photographer is one of the people you will spend the most time with on your wedding day, so its important to feel comfortable with them. I’m happy to meet up with you for a coffee or beer, but if distance is an issue we can always Skype or talk on the phone. Whatever works for you!

Have you always lived in Montana?

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia (pro tip: no one there calls it Hotlanta), but I lived in a small town in New Hampshire during my middle school years. I moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2014 and I've never looked back.

Do you bring other photographers to shoots?

I feel super comfortable shooting weddings by myself, but you can add a second shooter to any wedding package. I have a trusted list of experienced photographers that I can bring depending on their availability.

No two


are the same.


Mallory Solo Shooting

Pre-Wedding Consultation

Personalized Wedding Day Schedule

Venue Tour

Online Proofing Gallery for Friends & Family

Free Downloads for the Bride & Groom


Second Shooter

Engagement Photos

Bridal Session

Customized Albums

High Quality Prints

Wedding photography pricing with 40 Watt Photo is not standardized. Every detail of your wedding is unique to you, and I know that pricing for wedding photography is not a “one size fits all” system. If you’ll pack out a church that seats 300 guests or have your 10 closest friends in a park, if you’ll be starting your day with a 9am bouquet delivery or picking wildflowers on your way to the ceremony, if you’ll be dancing for hours or making s’mores by a bonfire, I can build a package for you!



Each wedding is quoted a custom price based on your needs. Get in touch so I can learn more about your plans and we can talk about what will work best for you. 

full-day "traditional" weddings start at $4500



Bozeman, MT 59718 | Tel: 406-219-8836

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