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Our experience planning our wedding with you was one of the best I have ever had. We loved our photos so much we have resolved to hire you for every milestone throughout the rest of our marriage!

We both felt so comfortable through the whole process and I felt so beautiful the day of which you captured amazingly.

Allison Ziegleman, Bride

Mallory Regan 40 Watt Photo Bozeman Montana

About Me

Hello! My name is Mallory Grace Regan. Most people call me Mallory or Mal. Eventually you WILL ask me if you can call me Mal-Pal, and the answer is yes. It always makes me smile.

I was born and raised in the south, but I don't sound like it. I am a slow hiker, a decent skier, and a proud Subaru owner. I drink my coffee black and my whiskey neat. Textbook Oldest Child with one little brother in San Antonio, TX. Married to the cutest musician west of the Mississippi.

I spent most of my life in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that I love a lot more now that I don’t live there. I moved to Bozeman a month after graduating college in search of a place to clear my head, and I never left.

Meyers Briggs INFJ: social introvert, creative and responsible, artistic and logical, spiritual and scientific. Enneagram Type 4, born to create and connect.

When I’m not shooting, you can probably find me sipping a craft beer at a local brewery, working out at Altitude Athletics, or somewhere in the woods with my dog. 

Thanks for being here. Now let's meet for real, yeah?

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