• Mallory Regan

Renevier Family | Winter Family Photos | 40 Watt Photo | Bozeman Montana

Photos can be deceiving. This isn't news to anyone, or new information in the world at all, but it's important to be reminded of. I just posted a blog about tips for winter photo shoots, but I didn't talk much about the importance of keeping your head up when things go a little sideways.

Don't get me wrong, this shoot was FUN. But there were a few moments where it could have ended differently. Right when we arrived at the location, the baby spit up on his white sweater. There was a choice in that moment: be frustrated and frazzled, or laugh about it (I mean, it was a little funny). Plus, that's nothing a little photoshop can't fix!

Despite being chilly, we had a really nice shoot. The second choice of the day was on me--we had forgotten the Pendleton blanket I brought in the car. Was it worth the trouble to get everyone back outside for a few shots? Or just call it good for the day? I'm glad that I chose the extra few minutes (literally), because we made some of my favorite family photos of the year. The colors and textures are SO incredible!

I'm proud of the work we did together in this session despite the little hiccups. I'd say the result is pretty fabulous. What do you think?