• Mallory Regan

Mara + Tyler | Firelight Farms Wedding | Bozeman, Montana

Mara and Tyler's wedding balanced two ends of the spectrum so well: they had almost 200 guests, but it somehow stayed really cozy and intimate. I think it has a lot to do with their personalities: they're both relaxed, inclusive, and low-key. Their go-with-the-flow nature allowed them to really enjoy the day, and it was absolutely perfect.

Here are a few tips for a low-stress wedding day:

  • Hire a planner, or at least a day-of coordinator. Having a point person to give directions to your guests and vendors will save you so much stress! Ideally, you should be able to turn off your phone and fully enjoy your day.

  • Have a plan for food! Make sure you order breakfast or lunch for anyone who will be helping you get ready in the morning, and make sure YOU eat something too! Also, have your caterer or planner make you a plate at dinner and bring it to your table in case you get stuck talking to guests. Mara + Tyler also included late-night snacks at their wedding which was a lifesaver!

  • Break tradition if you want to. Mara changed from her formal wedding dress into a short, blingy white dress for dancing. It was a hot night and she was way more comfortable, and selfishly I loved it because it made for great variety in photos!

This wedding was powered by:

Venue: Firelight Farms

Planning + Coordination: Julia with Bijou Weddings by Design

Dress: BHLDN

Hair + Makeup: Running Bare Aesthetics

Catering: Sauce Food Trucks

Rings: Millers Jewelry

String Quartet: Stillwater Strings Quartet

DJ: Bozeman DJ