• Mallory Regan

Laura + Tuli | Bozeman Engagement

Like many other trends in the wedding world, engagement photos are not something that existed 15 years ago. And like some of the same trends, engagement photos sometimes get a bad rap. They've been called excessive, over-indulgent, nonessential, and silly. I understand feeling skeptical of spending additional funds on engagement photos, but I also know that it isn't something to be left up to a friend with a camera.

Engagement is a weird and wonderful time, full of excitement, nerves, and celebration. Just like your wedding day, its easy for the details to be blurry in your memory. Engagement photos not only serve as a physical reminder of such a thrilling time in your life, but the session itself is a moment for you and your fiancé to step aside and spend quality time together.

Wear your favorite outfit. Splurge and get your hair done. Show off your new ring. Let's go to your favorite spot and make some photos that you'll look back on and smile every time. Don't miss out on documenting this magical, strange "in-between".

Laura + Tuli's engagement photos reflected their style so perfectly. These two are a carefree, funny, lighthearted couple and are crazy in love. These photos are just that. Enjoy!