• Mallory Regan

Laura + Brandon | Bozeman Woodlands Wedding

Laura + Brandon got married at the Woodlands on a perfect summer day in Bozeman, Montana.

I've seen a lot of different weddings in my day ranging from giant parties at country clubs to small ceremonies in the woods. Laura + Brandon's hit the sweet spot right in the middle: they got all dressed up and threw a fabulous party that still felt intimate and personal. Their families are unique. They truly love each other, and they adopt others as their own along the way. Laura and Brandon have a lot of "adopted" siblings, all of whom were so excited to be at their wedding that it almost brought me to tears.

This Bozeman wedding reminded me why I love shooting weddings in this small town. At the end of the day, all you really need is a team of people in your corner cheering you on...and maybe a beer or two and a dance party every now and then.

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