• Mallory Regan

Karly + Mike / Springhill Pavilion

Karly and Mike celebrated their marriage on two different days over Labor Day weekend.

On Friday, close family and friends gathered in a small cabin on the bank of the Yellowstone River near Livingston, Montana. It was my very favorite kind of ceremony. Karly's father officiated the ceremony and each of her siblings prepared a reading. Their baby niece ran up in the middle to give her grandad a hug. Afterwards, the dogs crashed family photos and no one cared. We all sat on the porch and sipped champagne out of plastic cups. There were only about 20 people there, and all of them were smiling from ear to ear.

That Sunday, I drove out to the Springhill Pavilion in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains right outside of Bozeman. The bride and groom enjoyed dinner with more friends and family, and we walked around to take advantage of the scenery and the only benefit of wildfire smoke: insane, glowing sunsets. As the summer heat wore off, DJ Miss Illaneous packed out the dance floor.

I loved the combination of traditional and Montana casual at this wedding. Sometimes, there's no need to overcomplicate things. All you need is your family, your pups, and some fancy hats.

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