• Mallory Regan

Jackie + Colby | Bozeman Engagement Photographer

In a world that revolves around social media, engagement photos are more than just solid content for your instagram. Most people are nervous in front of a camera, and rightfully so! Having your photo taken can be awkward. When you book a wedding photographer, it may be the first time you've been professionally photographed since the days of matching outfits with your siblings at JC Penny. The industry has changed a lot, and so have you.

Jackie and Colby were feeling a little nervous when they booked their wedding earlier this summer. I'm shooting their wedding next July, and I was so glad they decided to include an engagement shoot. We spent a few hours together cruising around Bozeman and taking photos, and by the end they felt much more comfortable! I highly recommend engagement photos for this reason: by the time your wedding day arrives, you'll already be comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

From the results of this shoot, these two are going to NAIL IT at their wedding.