• Mallory Regan

Cash Edwin Renevier | Newborn | Bozeman Family Photographer

Full disclosure: When I first started out as a photographer, I didn't didn't really like working with kids. ESPECIALLY babies. I made the excuse that it was because I wasn't good at it, but the truth was that I was afraid. I didn't know what to do around babies. I felt pressured by the pinterest photos of newborns posed on top of fluffy blankets in a fancy studio that I didn't have. I tried those poses a few times in my few newborn sessions, and they never worked out. The babies woke up and cried. Moms got flustered and frustrated. I left feeling defeated and inadequate.

Turns out, this was a small part of a bigger lesson. Photographers won't be successful if they're constantly trying to replicate someone else. Creativity doesn't work like that, and neither to people. Babies are finicky, and the magic of newborn photos lies within learning how to work with them; not against them. These little guys have only been alive for a few days. Cut them some slack! You don't need 3 outfit changes, a picture of them cupping their chin in their hands, and a perfectly clean house to have a perfect shoot. You just need the pure energy, sweetness, exhaustion, excitement, and unique pace of bringing a baby home.

Is the baby awake? Fine!

Are they hungry? Take a break.

Don't want to change clothes? Okay!

Fussy? Swaddle that nugget!

These days, newborn sessions are some of my favorite work to do. I've figured out a style and rhythm that works really well and feels good to me. Plus, babies are cute. Every one feels like Christmas morning.

And when you especially love their parents? That's straight up icing on the cake, friends.