• Mallory Regan

Aimee + Kraig / Flying D Ranch Wedding

When I tell you that this summer has been my best year of weddings yet, I'm not exaggerating. When I tell you that this is one of my favorite weddings of all time, I'm equally serious. Kraig and Aimee's July wedding took place on Ted Turner's ranch just south of Bozeman. We spent a large portion of the day cruising around the ranch taking photos in places that few people have seen. It was surreal getting to be there with a couple that knew the land so well.

Also, there is a story about the few hours prior to their ceremony that I could not possibly do justice by telling it here. Someday, ask me about the craziest thing that ever happened while shooting a wedding. To give you an idea, it involves getting stuck in a swamp, a bride walking through knee deep mud, a groom in his underwear, and my second shooter running a 5k through a herd of bison. Seriously, best story ever.

I still have a huge grin on my face when I scroll through these photos. I'll remember this day for a long time.

Venue: Flying D Ranch

Dress: Sincerely the Bride

Catering: Unknotted

Band: Longhorn Band

Suits: Persnickety Formalwear

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