• Mallory Regan

Sam + Kristin / Glacier Elopement

Kristin and Sam decided to buck tradition and elope in Glacier National Park with a small group of family and friends. They were married by Sam's brother on the shore of St. Mary's Lake, and we spent the rest of the afternoon driving over Going to the Sun road and stopping for pictures along the way. This was my first time visiting GNP in the summer, and it is truly one of the most spectacular places I have ever seen.

Amid all of the terrible natural disasters happening throughout the country and the world, over one million acres of land in Montana have been burned by wildfires this summer. Thousands of families have been forced to evacuate their homes, farmers have lost their valuable crops and land, and almost half of the state is covered in thick smoke. Currently, there are no fires close to Bozeman, but we are all feeling the effects of the smoke on our lungs, eyes, and spirits. It is a constant reminder of the much larger tragedy that other towns are suffering. Unfortunately, a large portion of GNP is burning to such an extent that some sections of the park were shut down for the season early. It is truly tragic.

As you're sending thoughts and prayers to the victims of the hurricanes in the south, please send some our way, too. Watching a place that you love and call home burn is heartbreaking. Also send prayers to the brave firefighters who are working to contain these fires.

Our national parks are a gift and a treasure, and worth fighting for. You can fight for them now with your prayers. In the meantime, enjoy some snippets from this beautiful wedding from a summer day before the smoke rolled in. It was about as close to perfect as it gets.